May 8, 2014

Kick Off Meeting Sassari

MVNGO implented the Kick off Meeting of the project YASV in Sassari, from May 2nd till March 5th, 2017. The MVNGO collaborative partnership in the frame of Sport "Young Ambassadors for Sport and Voluntereering" engages organization from the 4 angles of EU creating a team of 20 Volunteer Sport Ambassadors, which will operate on local level, with the support of the organizations. Volunteer Sport Ambassadors will be trained to raise awareness of healthy lifestyle, promote sport culture and voluntary activities in sport, as well as try to increase participation in volunteering and equal access to Sport for All. The organizations, through the Volunteer Sport Ambassadors, will carry out various activities in view of awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity through increased participation in, and equal access to Sport for All. #MineVagantiNGO #MVNGO #MVNGOSportBranch #CollaborativePartnership #SportForAll #EducationThroughSport
May 8, 2014

Training Course for YASV Ambassadors

The Training Course was attended by the team of 5 ambassadors from each country + 4 of the PMT members (1 per country) who lead the training as experts with the representative of BSDA acting also as logistical support person on the spot. The international training of the teams of ambassadors had the aim to fully prepare them for operating on local level during the project duration and afterwards. The teams of young ambassadors had benefit of an international training, delivered by experienced trainers/ experts in the fields of sport, volunteering and youth work. The ambassadors were trained regarding how to use Non Formal education and Education through sport for work with other youth, youngsters with fewer opportunities and NEET etc. In addition the training contained sessions on delivering workshops, principles and values of volunteering in sport, advocacy for sport and volunteering, public speaking etc. This international training activity served as well as a team building practice between the teams of ambassadors, which will be useful for the whole project run. This international reunion allowed to strengthen the collaboration between all participating organizations at all levels and will be a preparation for the project activities to be held on local level in each country. Moreover, this event enhances the peer relations between all ambassadors and the collaborating organizations from the different countries and will allow them to already start sharing best practices and in this way stupport the collaborative process already since the beginning of the project.
May 8, 2014

Local Events promoted by YASV Ambassadors

After being trained during the international TC and being prepared for the project activities to be held on local level in each country, YASV ambassadors started to plan and organised different activities to promote Sport and Volunteering.
May 6, 2014

Mid Term Evaluation Italy November 2017

Mid term project evaluation meeting – 3 days, held in November 2017 in Sargedgna, Italy and will be attended by the PMT Team: This meeting, to be held in Sardegna, Italy, will gather the PMT representatives for proceeding to midterm project evaluation. It will consist in the assessment of the overall results reached by this time of the project life. The partners will discuss the results achieved in each country and plan the actions of the second project working stream, dedicated to volunteering in sports, which they will undertake during the next project phase. Obstacles, difficulties and challenges will be detected during the process, as well as successful implementations. The project performances will be assessed on a local/ national level, as well as in their international dimension. This meeting and the achieved realizations will play a crucial role for promoters as it will set up a plan the remaining project lifetime in the best way. This meeting will also help to set up recommendations for the further project development. It will also evaluate the development and the function of the project website as a visibility platform, where the outcomes achieved at that stage will be announced